Asia Pacific High-Touch Internship Program

Our Asia Pacific High-Touch Internship Program brings together emerging talent studying at the undergraduate level who are eager to learn and aspire to a career in the luxury retail brand business.

The Program lasts 12 weeks (full-time, June-August) and placements are available in Hong Kong and Singapore, our two regional office locations.

All interns go through a structured orientation program highlighting our brands, heritage, culture, values and each of the departments within the organization. Interns will then dedicate themselves to a project designed to test their skills and to add real value to The Estée Lauder Companies. Depending on business needs and the interests and readiness of each intern, we aim to match students with assignments that reflect their key area of interest, allowing them to interact with the relevant business leaders and to benefit fully from the experience of working in our organization.

Over the course of the internship, with the help of mentors and line managers, we are committed to supporting our interns as they stretch themselves along their learning journey; by doing so, we help our interns to unlock their true potential.

Opportunities may be available in the following areas:

  • Brand Management (Digital, Marketing, Education, Public Relations)
  • Corporate Marketing (Consumer Insights, Customer Relationship Management)
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Creative and Design
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Global Information Services (IT)
  • Online (eCommerce)
  • Product Development and Innovation
  • Retail Channel
  • Supply Chain

During the application period, typically February and March of each year, available internships in Hong Kong can be viewed by clicking here

In Singapore, information on our internships is made available through our partner universities. Please check with your careers center for application details.

What Our Former Interns Say
Priscilla Lau, Online (eCommerce) Intern
"Every day was filled with inspiration and I learned a lot from friendly and supportive supervisors, mentor and colleagues – through conversations, shadowing them, or working on my tasks and projects. The Asia Pacific context allowed me to see the big picture, and the cultural differences between affiliates fascinated me. This is indeed a well-structured program and the company does value the interns. There is a fine balance between self-learning and guidance."Priscilla Lau, Online (eCommerce) Intern
Rosie Cheung, Marketing Intern
"Working at The Estée Lauder Companies was definitely a unique and unforgettable experience because of the passionate team and the family-oriented company. Other than the everyday work, the mentoring and lunch-and-learn sessions were valuable opportunities to discover not only about the beauty industry but also myself. Through analyzing competitors’ marketing strategies, I was given the chance to understand how consumers engage in different social media platforms. I am glad that I could contribute to the further growth of the brand by identifying the opportunities and challenges ahead."Rosie Cheung, Marketing Intern
Jessica Chau, Consumer Insights Intern
"I can truly say that the family culture is reflected in every aspect of The Estée Lauder Companies. The organization is very flat - people are keen to teach when you need help and take the time to sit down and speak with you. The learning curve in this company is very steep! I have gained valuable insights on women’s attitude and usage of facial skincare and make-up in different countries in Asia. This is definitely a key learning that I will take away as I have always been interested in understanding differences in cultures."Jessica Chau, Consumer Insights Intern
Yu-Heng Chua, Project Design Intern
"The past three months at ELC have been enriching, yet challenging. It was a great experience to be able to participate in design work in the real world, which is different from the more sheltered environment of acadernia in university."Yu-Heng Chua, Project Design Intern
Min-Jia Yan, Education Intern
"This well-developed internship program together with my supportive department has provided me with lots of opportunities to try out different things: from working on my own business project, helping out with their Rec Club event and product launches to learning about the education program for beauty consultants. The learning sessions also provided us with a holistic view of the different business groups, brands, and departments within ELC. I am really appreciative of how my department has been truly concerned in developing and providing exposure for me, giving me first-hand experience to have a better understanding of the prestige beauty industry."Min-Jia Yan, Education Intern
Taylor Tsang, Consumer Relationship Mgmt Intern
"This internship was unlike any other. I was most impressed by the unique family culture (despite the scale of business globally). My team was welcoming and truly there was a sense of belonging which grew my respect for them. The experience of working at a regional level was valuable."Taylor Tsang, Consumer Relationship Mgmt Intern